Intercontinental collaboration between USA and Europe: Insect Doctors PhD students and students of Cornell University enjoyed a fruitful class

Published on
February 15, 2022

INSECT DOCTORS EJD coordinator Dr. Monique van Oers and Advisory Board member Dr. Ann Hajek, organised an online class for students at Cornell university (USA). PhD students Loretta Mugo (INRAE (FR)/ University of Exeter (UK), Hannah-Isadora Huditz (Wageningen University (NL) / FAO/IAEA (AU) and Luìs Hernández Pelegrín (University of Valencia (ES)/ Wageningen University (NL) presented their research about microbiota, covert viruses and endosymbionts in insects. The introductions were followed by an engaged discussion between the students and a lot of information has been exchanged. All participants concluded that the collaboration was a success!

Ing. Margreet Bruins