PhD candidates and their research

Below the 15 PhD candidates recruited for INSECT DOCTORS with the topic of their reseach projects and their affiliations within the programme.

WP 1: Pathogen-host interactions

Jirka Manuel Petersen

Wageningen University, IRBI (CNRS), and Tours University

ESR03 Jozsef Tackacs.jpg
University of Copenhagen and Wageningen University
Edouard Bessette
University of Exeter and University of Copenhagen
Pascal Herren
UKCEH, University of Leeds, and University of Copenhagen

WP 2: Covert infections and pathogen detection


Wageningen University and University of Valencia

Wageningen University


University of Exeter

 Luis Hernandez Pelegrin

University of Valencia and Wageningen University
Robert Pienaar
IRBI (CNRS), University of Tours, and University of Valencia
Lim Fang Shiang

Julius Kuhn Institute (JKI), University of Valencia

WP 3: . Increasing insect resistance against pathogens

Anna Slowik

University of Copenhagen, UK-CEH, and University of Leeds
Jennifer Upfold

INRAE, Agro Paris Tech, and University of Copenhagen
Carlotta Savio

INRAE, Agro Paris Tech and Wageningen University
Loretta Mugo

IRBI (CNRS), University of Tours, and University of Exeter
Alessandro Roman

University of Exeter and University of Wageningen