PhD candidates and their research

Below the 15 PhD candidates recruited for INSECT DOCTORS with the topic of their reseach projects and their affiliations within the programme.

WP 1: Pathogen-host interactions

Jirka Manuel Petersen

Nudivirus replication mechanism

ESR01 Jirka Manuel Petersen.jpg

Wageningen University, IRBI (CNRS), and Tours University

Sam Edwards

Behavioural manipulation and co-evolutionary processes between fungi and flies

Sam Edwards
University of Copenhagen and University of Exeter

Joszef Takacs

Interactions between pathogens infecting crickets: who paves the way for the other?Inhoud

3. Joszef.jpg
University of Copenhagen and Wageningen University

Edouard Bessette

Microsporidia infection and virulence at varying population densities 

4. edouard Bessette.jpg
University of Exeter and University of Copenhagen

Pascal Herren

Impact of multiple biotic and abiotic stressors on pathogenesis in mealworms and wax moths 

ESR05 Pascal Herren herp1-print.jpg
UKCEH, University of Leeds, and University of Copenhagen

WP 2: Covert infections and pathogen detection

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Mechanisms behind covert infections: DNA viruses


Wageningen University and University of Valencia

Hanna-Isadora Huditz

Interaction between tsetse fly associated covert viruses and endosymbionts

ESR07 Photo_Huditz_Hannah-Isadora.jpg

Wageningen University, University of Exeter and FAO/IAEA

Luis Hernández Pelegrín

Covert infections with RNA viruses in the Mediterranean fruit fly


University of Valencia and Wageningen University

Robert Pienaar

Virus discovery in reared insects 

IRBI (CNRS), University of Tours, and University of Valencia

WP 3: . Increasing insect resistance against pathogens

Anna Slowik

Exploring nutritional adaptation of host-specific and generalist insect-pathogenic fungi


University of Copenhagen, UK-CEH, and University of Leeds

Jennifer Upfold

The role of microbiota in host resistance against bacterial and fungal pathogens in wax moths

INRA, AgrosParis Tech, and University of Copenhagen

Carlotta Savio

Food and probiotics in insect health and pathogen resistance


INRA, Agro Paris Tech and Wageningen University

Loretta Mugo-Kamiri

Microbiota mediated food protection against lepidopteran pathogens 


IRBI (CNRS), University of Tours, and University of Exeter

Alessandro Roman

Experimental evolution of insect gut symbionts to improve fitness under SIT and transgenic mass release 


University of Exeter and University of Wageningen